In a world of darkness and despair,
A white fire rabbit danced without a care.
Her fur was like snow, her eyes like stars,
Her spirit free, unbound by bars.


With each hop, flames would flicker and flare,
A dazzling display, beyond compare.
The rabbit leapt and twirled in the night,
A mesmerizing sight, full of light.


She led a trail of fire in her wake,
A path of warmth, for all to take.
She brought hope to those who were lost,
And a new perspective, at a great cost.

For the white fire rabbit lived in danger,
Her flames could burn, and cause great anger.
But she never let fear hold her back,
She danced on, always on the attack.

The white fire rabbit was a force to behold,
Her story never to grow old.
She lived her life with passion and grace,
A true inspiration, to the whole race.



Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies

Bunnies Everywhere.  Fire, fire, fire on their hair